10 Reasons Why I Love Being a Librarian

By Erin Anderson, 20 Juni 2011


Recently, I have been reflecting a lot on my choice to become a librarian and what it means to me.  I’ve worked in a few different capacities within libraries, and in several different types of libraries– academic, school, government and public.  Currently I am working in two contracts, one quite different from the other, yet both have challenged me to expand my professional horizon in a way that I would not have been able to, had I worked somewhere else.  And this has made me think about the complexity of being a librarian and the many rewards that such a career has.

With that said, I’d like to share my 10 reasons why I love being a librarian:

1.  As a librarian, there are many different types of libraries in which to work, each with different priorities, approaches to workflow, and professional initiatives.  Whatever your strengths are as a professional, you can find the right library for you.

2.  The job is never boring– each point of service you have with a library user will be different from the next.

3.  There is nothing better than helping someone find something that they really need, and seeing the relief and gratitude on their face once you’ve helped them find it.

4.  As a librarian, you get to learn a lot about a variety of things.  This is because you learn as your users do their research and ask you questions.

5.  There is fluidity in the job– with the influx of technology and a continual drive for libraries to be more responsive to the user, librarianship is never static.

6.  Although change is a constant in libraries, there is one thing that stays the same — the library is an invaluable service to its user community, and as a librarian, you are part of this.

7. No matter how long you’ve been in the business, there is always another facet to librarianship that is waiting for you to learn.

8.  There is a plethora of conferences out there that you can attend as a librarian, which can help you develop your skills and knowledge base, no matter where you are in your career.

9.  As a new professional, or one that is looking for a change, there are always friendly and generous librarians who are willing to offer you their time and assistance… you just have to ask!

10.  Who knows what the future holds for libraries and librarians. This is both good and bad, but I’d like to focus on the good here.  Accepting that change is a constant, anticipating trends, providing leadership, and having to stay informed and at the top our game makes today’s librarians a dynamic, forward-thinking and flexible bunch of people.  Wouldn’t you want to be part of a group with these qualities?


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